use Weak reference for high availability of cache and In-Memory DB operations

We should think about using WeakReference whenever we need a reference to an object, but you don’t want that reference to protect the object from the garbage collector. A classic example is a cache that we want to be garbage collected when memory usage gets too high.

Basically a WeakReference will be GC-d by the JVM eagerly, once the referenced object has no hard references to it. A SoftReferenced object on the other hand, will tend to be left about by the garbage collector until it really needs to reclaim the memory.

Suppose there is a Query level cache and it is persisted and attached to a session. If such queries are very high, certainly they will occupy a huge memory and then they need to be claimed ( GC-d ) as soon as not required. For this, Class Query should be implemented or enqueued through WeakReference.

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